Apple May Consider Using MLA OLED Display in Future iPhones

Apple May Consider Using MLA OLED Display in Future iPhones

LG Display and Samsung Display have both approached Apple with an alternative MLA OLED display solution for iPhones, according to Korean outlet – The Elec. Both companies, which are expected to provide both LTPS and LTPO displays to the upcoming iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro series; are offering OLED displays with Micro Lens Array (MLA).

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The addition of MLA to OLED displays will result into a much brighter display output (up to 2000+ nits), better energy efficiency and improved viewing angles, according to DigitalTrends. However, it has been documented to reduce the lateral luminance while amplifying the frontal luminance and such material might prove to be expensive to manufacture due to the nature of the process.

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Both LG Display and Samsung Display are looking to set themselves far apart from other Apple display suppliers like BOE, which has been struggling to keep up with Apple’s demands and infringing on Samsung’s patents. They are also hoping Apple makes a final decision before the iPhone 16 and 16 Pro Series goes into production.

Samsung has already used MLA OLEDs in about six smartphone models especially the high-end Galaxy S Ultra models and China’s Vivo has also procured OLED displays with MLA. The Meta technology in select models of LG’s OLED TVs combines MLA and AI-based META Booster.