Apple Trade In Program – Learn How It Works

Apple Trade In Program – Learn How It Works

Apple offers a Trade In program online and offline for most of its hardware products. The program allows Apple users value their existing Apple or popular Android device(s) and trade-it-in towards the purchase of a new one or get an Apple Gift Card worth the valued amount. It also serves as a free recycling program for non-eligible devices under the conditions of the program.

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Users can get up to a certain earmarked value for eligible devices based on the model, memory, and current condition. Apple Trade In program currently covers the following product categories: iPhones, iPads, Macs, and Apple Watch. It also covers high-end Android devices from rivals such as Samsung, LG, and Google while other non-eligible devices such as AirPods, Apple TV and iPods are recycled for free. Once new devices are released in eligible product categories, the trade in value for older models are updated to reflect their current worth under the program.

Apple Trade In Program – Learn How It Works

Apple Trade In – Offline (Apple Stores)

For offline trade-ins at participating Apple stores, the working conditions of the device will be inspected and an estimated trade in value is provided. Once the user agrees to move forward with the trade in, the customer gets a gift card or instant credit towards a purchase.

Apple Trade In – Online

For online trade ins, simple questions about the device needs to be answered to receive an instant estimated value. Once that is done, the customer will receive a credit towards the purchase of a new Apple device or an Apple Gift card via email alongside instructions on how to send in the current device. Once the company receives, inspects, and verifies the condition of the device, the original payment method will be credited, and remaining balance will be provided in form of an Apple Gift card. The same applies to trading-in a device online for a gift card, once Apple receives the device and everything checks out, a gift card worth the agreed amount is sent to the user.

How It Works

For example, a user with the iPhone 12 Pro wants to trade-it-in online for the new iPhone 13 Pro Max. The process is simply as follows:

  • Visit Apple’s online store and shop iPhone.
  • Select the iPhone model, finish, and capacity.
  • Answer the ‘Do You Have an iPhone to trade in’ Question. Select Yes
  • Choose the device model to be traded in and answer questions about the condition of the iPhone.
  • Next enter the device’s Serial number to confirm the authenticity of the device. To locate the serial number, Go to Settings > General > About.
  • Finally, the trade in value will be applied to the checkout.

PS: The user has to pay the full value for the purchase and the difference will be refunded after all the checks are done. This process might take between two to three weeks depending on how quick the older model is sent back to Apple.

No need to ship cables or adapters along, however, Apple will be happy to recycle them for free. If the condition of the device does not match the customer’s description, a new value will be provided to the user with the option to accept or reject. If the user chooses to accept the offer, the difference will be removed from the previous estimate, otherwise, the old device will be sent back for free.

Have you used the Apple trade in program? What was your experience like?

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