Meta and LG Working On Apple Vision Pro Competitor

Meta and LG Working On Apple Vision Pro Competitor

Apple launched its first mixed reality device – the Vision Pro at this year’s WWDC developer’s event. The high-end headset, which is being marketed as a Spatial Computer, is expected to arrive by early 2024 in the US for US$ 3499. One of Apple’s competitors, Meta is said to be working a similar “Pro” premium headset under its Quest VR headset brand.

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According to Korean platform, Maekyung (via WccfTech), Meta has reportedly teamed up with LG Electronics to launch its Apple Vision Pro Competitor. The partnership is comparable to that which Apple and Sony cultivated to craft the dual 4K OLED microdisplays on the Vision Pro. The source did not go into details about the partnership, however, LG applied for a patent for AR/VR headsets in 2019 and has been doing R&D work on them.

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Meta’s rumoured premium Quest device is expected to end up as the Quest 4 Pro and a possible 2025 release date is being floated around. It is speculated that Meta is waiting to see the market’s reaction to the Apple Vision Pro before it launches its own premium headset. Few weeks before the launch of the Vision Pro, Meta launched its affordable Quest 3 VR for US$ 499.99.

The company is expected to launch more affordable AR/VR headsets to retain its position as the leading brand for headsets sold in the AR/VR market. Another brand working on its own mixed reality headset is Samsung. The company’s offering will be premium, however pricing will be between the Vision Pro and the Meta Quest series.