Apple's Spring Loaded Event Packs a Punch

Apple’s Spring Loaded Event Packs a Punch

So you’ve missed the Apple Event? An unforgivable sin… or you just want a recap of the event? We have you covered. After being leaked in the most unexpected way (By Siri), Apple’s Spring Loaded event left the tech community speechless. With a plethora of new,  exciting products, this virtual event at the Apple Park, Cupertino, was no sleeping matter.  Accompanied with bright colours and the teaser “Spring Loaded”, this event left many speculations about its primary purpose.

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The highlight of the Spring Loaded event include the new iPad Pro, a redesigned iMac and the long awaited Airtags. Other announcements include: Apple Card Family, Apple Podcasts subscription service, new iPhone 12 in purple, Apple TV 4K and an indirect announcement of iOS 14.5 for ‘next week’. There is a lot to digest from this product drop, and here is everything you need to know…

Apple Card

Apple is making a big move against credit card discrimination of couple’s credit scores with its newest Apple Card update, which the company claims to be a “revolution” in the industry. Presumably due to Steve Wozniak’s public shaming of Apple’s alleged family credit score/limit blunder, where his wife was given a lower credit limit (Read more at: Tech Insider Article).  Apple also announced its new “Apple Card Family” feature where teens over the age of 13 are eligible for Apple Card with several parental control features built-in.

Apple Announce Apple Card Family, Podcasts Subscriptions


Apple Podcasts Subscriptions

A rumored “Apple Podcasts+” has fundamentally come to life with Apple’s new podcast subscription service. This service will remove ads in podcasts, and incentivize more creators to join the platform as they will earn an extra revenue source over conventional sponsored ads and tips. The platform will still remain free to use.

Apple Announce Apple Card Family, Podcasts Subscriptions


New iPhone 12 Colour “Mmmmm, purple”

Apple brings back iPhone 12 hype with a new purple colour similar to that of the iPhone 11. Apple usually does not do such a thing (With exception to previous Product Red announcements) but they have had a change of heart, especially considering that iPhone 12 sales are on track to surpass their previous milestone, the iPhone 6 from 2014.

New iPhone 12/12 Mini Purple Colour



Lost Something? I Think Not. Airtags Make an Appearance

Apple’s long awaited Airtags have finally made an appearance after being lost within their warehouses for far too long. Good thing they have trackers in them! Finally, Apple’s Tile competitor has been announced after being rumoured for almost a year now. Competitively priced at US$ 29 for 1 and $99 for a 4 pack, these bottle-cap sized trackers wont hurt your wallets as Apple products usually do. These trackers are built with U1 Ultra-Wideband technology for precision accuracy when paired with a U1 iPhone. They connect seamlessly into the “Find My” network to give you the most accurate location data, even with U1 not active.


Apple AirTag MyAppleChat



Apple TV 4K

The Apple TV 4K was in much need of an upgrade, and here it is. Powered by an A12 Bionic processor and 4K HDR capability, this year’s Apple TV will blow your mind. Using your iPhone’s colour sensor’s, your TV screen will be calibrated to an HDR quality display of the highest calibre. Allowing a viewing experience which rivals even the highest end displays. Being HDR-ready is the number 1 priority for TV makers and Apple has finished its job with flying colours. A new Siri remote was also introduced today which pays homage to the iPod with an all new Clickpad for precision UI interaction. The new Apple TV 4K clocks in at US$ 179/199 for 32GB/64GB respectively.

Next-Gen Apple TV 4K with A12 Bionic, New Siri Remote



Retro Apple Makes a Comeback. Redesigned 24″ iMac

Apple tested its customer base with its retro design language for the brand new 24″ Apple Silicon iMac. Powered by the industry leading M1 processor and a 4.5K display, the new iMac takes a huge leap forward for Apple’s future of an entirely ARM Mac line-up. This thing is extremely thin, 11.5mm thin; its too thin that even a headphone jack doesn’t fit into the back of it (it is now placed on the left side of the iMac).

This is all possible due to the super efficient yet powerful M1 chip. The device boasts studio quality mics with beamforming, paired with a 1080p camera which result in the perfect work from home set-up. Apple praised its new 6 speaker system which results in rich, immersive sound. However, the white bezels on the front has caused much debate over the design process on social media.

Apple iMac with M1 SoC, New Vibrant colours, 4.5K Retina Display


The Power of Mac. Stolen for iPad Pro

iPads have always been industry leading in their blazing fast performance and smooth UI experience. It has now received an update  worth considering. Not only does the new iPad Pro share the M1 chip found inside the new iMac, but it also has the same amount of RAM. With up to 16GB of it RAM, the iPad Pro is surely capable enough for Pro apps. Mini-LED has been unveiled in the form of 10,000 blue LEDs, forming 2,596 local dimming zones and allowing for a 1M:1 contrast ratio. Now with the power of 5G, you can work without hindrance from anywhere.

Apple Unveil M1-Powered iPad Pro Models With 5G, Center Stage


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